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  • Re-power pricing

    Stopped @ Jims Marine in Galena,MD today for some parts for my 1997 Yamaha 115 2-stroke.Just out of curiosity asked what an upgraded 4-stroke would be with rigging. My boat a Sailfish 198DC is rated for 150H.P. max. General ballpark with rigging IF they could even get a 150 engine would be in the 20k range. Don't know how long a 2-stroke Yamaha can last (no hour meter) but will be maintaining mine for the foreseeable future.

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    It's a time to sell, not buy in my opinion. When nobody has to work for a sale there will be no good deals. That's compounded right now by the shortage and high cost of materials. Electronic components are also in short supply just like the automotive industry.

    ​​​That goes for just about everything. I'll venture a guess that will change in a couple of years. Or maybe 2x4's will be $12 forever.


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      Your 2 stroke Yama should outlast you with even minimum maintenence

      Avoid letting it sit with ethanol gas in the carbs I just add stabil at the end of the season (and sometimes in between if I am not running it much)

      Always make sure your impeller is working well, overheat will kill it.

      I like to run slightly more 2 stroke oil then the ratio. If it is 50-1 I will run at 40-1 worst thing that may do is foul a plug (which is rare)

      I run a 1982 25 evenrude tracker on my 16 ft and it is still going strong
      Team Black Bart