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  • Pine island Fl.

    anyone have any experience fishing that area... boat rentals guides ??? heading down in March Thanks for any help

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    I visited the place about 14 years ago and there wasn't much there then but I understand that has changed. I have a friend that has a friend that has a place down there, I will try to contact him and get back to you.


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      Only guide I know of was Mike Locklear - I think he goes/went out of Homosassa. Mcrae's up in Homosassa is a big hub for tournaments and guides and I think Locklear is connected to that marina. I hired Mike to take my mom and dad out on the gulf years ago. Not even sure if he still guides but McRaes can hook you up with someone, as well as get you rental pontoons on the Homosassa River with access to the gulf. Homosassa is about a 30-40 minute drive up 19 from Pine Island.

      On the north side of the Homosassa there are a couple of marinas you can rent from too - Magic Manatee is one of them.

      Also, on the south side of the river, on the access road leading to McRae's there is River Safaris. I've rented pontoon boats there too .

      I usually rent a pontoon boat in Hernando Beach every year to take my elderly mom out in the gulf. There are several marinas there on Shore Line Blvd. Not sure about guides out of there - cause I never looked. but I bet there are some.
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        PM me with questions. These guys are nice and helpful. Been going in there for years. They service local guides every day and have a ramp.
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          I've used