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  • Come'n Back Down

    Been over 15 years since the shack was sold off by Massey's Ditch. My wife has rented a condo for a family reunion this Aug below the canal in Dewey. It has a dock. I'm told I have to come up with a pontoon to rent for the week. All I could find online was a few $500+ per day boats. Looking for ideas. I know the back well - bays, islands, creeks & canal. So I could pick up just about anywhere.

    Thanks Duff

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    Getting closer.

    I see there is a licence to just crab now. I hope a rental pontoon comes with a boat license. Any info will be a big help.

    Duff2 - The other half of the terrible twos (Doug2 - Duff2)


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      Jerry, It is a General Saltwater License for fishing, clamming and crabbing. You also need a FIN # (Free).
      Go Here:


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        Thanks Jay -

        I'm hoping the rental has a boat license . I'm wondering if it can work that way?
        Just taking the kids and grandkids crabbing and visiting the dogs buried on Lynch island.

        Good to hear from you.


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          Hope a good time is had by all.


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            Be careful. The bays have changed a lot in the last 15years.


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              OK - Rented a pontoon for next Monday morning 1/2 day. Comes with boat license. Looks like low tide at the CG station I guess we'll just find a hole with some current to do some crabbing.

              A relic from Lurefest 1.0 at Jay's back in the day.
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                Now that is a classic hat! Do you have the yellow bucktail pin that BB made for us? I still have one but needs a serious cleaning.


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                  Nice hat! I can't find a hat with a bill that big anymore.
                  That's all she wrote.


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                    I was looking for it before the Pic Jay. But Nah - couldn't find it .
                    Wish I could get over to visit Mr Bucktail.

                    I remember Phil Snow won the top prize. Checking I see Oldsnow isn't Drsnow.


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                      Many things have changed but most the same. Lurefest seems to endure. It is good honest fun. Have a great vacation.. J